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Check out our video for 5 simple steps to help you find your


Welcome to our video on creating a Word of the Year! In this video, we'll show you how to choose a word that will guide and inspire you throughout the year and provide you with 5 steps to take action and make it stick.


A Word of the Year is a powerful tool that can help you focus on your goals, intentions, and personal growth. By following this simple, yet effective, process, you'll be able to identify the right word for you and use it to transform your life. So, let's get after it and create your Word of the Year!


Brainstorm with a

A spider diagram organizes and displays data in a logical, visual way.


Spiderweb diagram features include the main word positioned in the middle of the diagram, with lines extending radially to link related words and ideas.

More ideas branch out from there, and you end up with a diagram resembling a spiderweb.

These diagrams help you to make connections between ideas, explore possible alternatives to your word, and visualize concepts that may otherwise be difficult to understand.


They allow you to see the bigger picture of your word and the more specific details. 

Creative professionals across various industries use this technique for brainstorming, problem-solving, note-taking, and more. It is a valuable visual tool for personal and business projects.


Starting from a blank page is hard. Use this template to help you think differently. Remember, there really are "no rules" so just have fun with this process!

The image on the left is an example of how my wife used this template to get started with her Word of the Year journey.

Use different colored pens and pencils to help you visually categorize different ideas/concepts for your word.

think visually

Here are some websites to help you while curating your Word of the Year.

use a white pen/pencil
on black paper

Writing on black paper with a white pen can be a unique and creative way to stimulate your thinking and get your ideas flowing.


The contrast between the dark background and the bright white ink can be visually striking and can help to spark new ideas and perspectives.

One of the benefits of using this technique is that it forces you to think differently. The black paper provides a blank canvas that requires you to approach your writing in a new way, potentially leading to more original and innovative ideas.


The white ink also stands out against the dark background, making it easier to focus on and read, which can help to keep you engaged and motivated as you write.


Another advantage of writing on black paper with a white pen is that it can help to foster a sense of playfulness and experimentation.


The unusual format may encourage you to approach your writing with a more lighthearted and open-minded attitude, which can lead to more creative and imaginative ideas.

My 2023 word of the year

This is a great example of how brainstorming for a word a few years back help lead to this being my word for 2023.


The year I picked the word "Fruiton," I was going back and forth with the word Focus. I love the double entendre meaning being a photographer! I struggle with ADHD like crazy, so I'm always chasing ways to gain more clarity and greater focus on my projects.

I used the app, Milanote to create this mood board. I did a quick google image search for the word focus and found these images and added words similar that I want to get out of using my word. It is all drag and drop and was super simple to make.


So here we go! Bring on 2023!

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